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Air Force FCU and GM Partner to Offer Dallas Car Buyers Bigger Savings

Dallas Car Buyers Save Money

Buying a new car is a large financial step that can affect your money and budget for years to come. That’s why it’s important to shop for deals on a Dallas car loan to find rates and terms that fit your budget.

Air Force Federal Credit Union is partnering with General Motors (GM) to make buying a new car more affordable for Dallas residents. Car buyers can reduce auto loan costs thanks to New Year’s incentives and competitive rates from Air Force FCU. The following benefits will make buying, financing and driving a car more affordable both now and for the long term.

3 Ways Air Force FCU and GM Will Reduce Costs for Dallas Drivers

Dallas drivers probably know from experience how long commute times, traffic delays and high insurance costs can inflate their transportation costs. Factors like these that are outside drivers’ control make it even more important to secure savings where they can. For example, members of Air Force FCU can save  money on a new car through manufacturer incentives, low-interest rates and fuel efficiency.

1. Preferred Pricing on GM Vehicles for Air Force FCU Members

All current and qualified Air Force FCU members get preferred pricing on most new GM models, which will lower the cost of a Dallas car purchase for buyers looking to upgrade in the new year. Preferred pricing is available on top of additional GM incentives and promotional offers. Buyers can combine preferred pricing with other offers to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new GMC, Chevrolet and Buick vehicle.

All that is required to be eligible for preferred pricing is membership with Air Force FCU. To view savings available to Air Force FCU members, visit LoveMyCreditUnion.org and request a personal GM authorization number online.

2. Air Force FCU Auto Loan Rates Starting at 1.60% APR

The Air Force FCU auto loan rates are as low as 1.60% APR for loan terms up to 72 months. The length of a Dallas auto loan term a buyer can qualify, however, will depend on the value of the car he is purchasing. For example, if the car is valued for less than $10,000, the borrower could only finance for up to 48 months. Cars valued at $10,000 or more can be financed for up to 60 months. Only cars valued $20,000 or more could qualify for 72-month loan terms from Air Force FCU. All the terms mentioned still offer the same low rates and generous perks for qualified drivers in the Dallas area.

3. GM Fuel Efficiency to Save at the Pump

You could buy a reliable, fuel-efficient car to cut down on gas during your daily commute. GM has multiple fuel-efficient models spanning high-volume vehicle segments available for purchase in Dallas, with additional models coming out each year. For example, the Chevrolet Cruze Eco has a 42 mile per gallon (mpg) EPA highway estimate, which is the highest fuel economy of any gasoline, non-hybrid engine in the United States.

In the popular crossover class, the Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain have room for a growing family and still claim a 32 mpg highway estimate. Other GM fuel-efficient vehicles can travel almost 500 miles on one tank, provide V8-engine power with the best economy in its class and come in hybrid models to help you achieve your goal to go greener this year.

Dallas car buyers have three reasons to get competitive pricing on a new vehicle thanks to options from Air Force FCU and GM that make buying a car more affordable.

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